Our Story

In January of 2020 I realized I could take the decade of experience I had in digital marketing and e-commerce operations and set off on my own.  I intended to start consulting for a handful of brands that were looking to launch a new product or expand upon their current selection.  I had learned the importance of brand management, story-telling, and was incredibly confident we were going to have some great launches coming up that year.

Then the pandemic struck.  The entrepreneurs and companies I had been in talks with suddenly needed to wait and see how things were going to turn out.  I didn't blame them.  What we as a human species are up against with COVID-19 is beyond the scope of anyone's backup plan.  I looked out at the world and decided that while I didn't want to give up on building a new business, I certainly didn't want to fight against a wave of fear that was damming up marketing dollars across a potential client base.

I wish I could say I had some amazing epiphany but I took some time to reassess my experiences and the answer I came up with to my dilemma was quite simple. After two years of working in the heritage breed beef and pork industry I knew how to produce nutritious, protein packed snacks that ditched the sugar, the heavy amounts of salt, and the grease that has become synonymous with grabbing a meat stick at the gas station.  I made a few calls to my network, got introduced to some all-star companies, and incorporated Dauntless Snacks LLC in late May.

R&D immediately started on the most minimally processed snack stick that retained amazing flavor and texture.  In December, after months of work, we found a winner.  Six ingredients in a collagen casing, with delicious grass-fed beef being our first protein of choice.

Now, in May of 2021, we launch!